7 Things That Will Make You A Better Dancer

This is a list of insights I’ve realized in my dance journey. Some of which perhaps you are already aware of and some which can serve as a healthy reminder. Regardless, here is the list:

Completely let go of your notion of what “good dance” is

This point right here holds a lot of people back from expressing themselves honestly in dance. They think they need to be a pop star like Michael Jackson to be good or learn all the viral dance trends to be good. This couldn’t be far from the truth.

Dance, like art, is subjective. Dance is only good to the extent that you think it is good, regardless of what other people think. Dancing goofy is one way to dance, however

Get the moves right the first time (aka. learn technique)

You can dance goofy, but after you’ve practiced the move correctly the first time. It is important to know the rules before you break them. Also, it becomes more difficult to unlearn a bad move than learn a new one.

When you learn the foundations, don’t be afraid to mess up

In an industry where technical skill is highly praised, we can often feel like messing up in dance is a bad thing. On the contrary! Messing up allows us to learn something new in the process. When you mess up, you have created a new dance step. Also…

Do not compromise creativity because of a focus on technique.

You will always work on technique when you practice dance, but technique alone is not the point of dance. Be creative in your moves, allow yourself to mess up a couple of times, create a movement that doesn’t exist. The possibilities are truly endless!

Don’t compare yourself to other dancers

Another point that holds people back from dancing. You are unique in your own way (as cliché as that sounds), but it is true. You bring something different to dance that no one else does. Appreciate yourself, and don’t compare yourself to other dancers.

Focus on learning, not becoming the best

Because even the best are still learning themselves! Learn yourself, and learn from others. Never stop learning!

Have fun!

Dance is supposed to be fun and healthy. It can lower your stress levels and make you happy!

I might add to these points later, but I think that covers the main ones. Remember to keep these points in the back of your mind as you continue in your dance journey. Good luck!

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