How to Dance (An Introduction)

“If you can move, you can dance”

I always say this to people that get discouraged from dancing. This one line means a lot because that means you already have the means to dance.

If you are reading this article, I will assume that you are a beginner. Even if you are more experienced, there are still some takeaways here that maybe you haven’t considered before.

Before you continue, I highly suggest reading this article first: 7 Things That Will Make You a Better Dancer. After you read it, come back to this one. With that being said, let us continue!

If you can move, you can dance?

Of course! Dance is movement. Movement of a body part or multiple body parts. The act of walking can be seen as a dance routine in itself!

Dance can also be seen in this way: dance = movement + awareness

Try walking around your room or outside and be aware of what’s moving in your body. Some things you might notice right away are the swaying of your arms or the shifting of your body as you take each step.

As a diagram, walking will look like this:

Your left and right feet will start together at one point and then move forward with your left foot, then right foot, or vice versa.

This two-stepped rhythm (Left, right, left, right) forms the basis of many different styles of dance. Here is a video to explain it further!

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