What Is Creativity?

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

-Albert Einstein

Instead of defining creativity, or bringing in a definition from another source, I want to share what creativity is to me. Some of it may resonate with you if you are a creator.

So what is it?

Creativity is an active force. Actually, it is constantly active. It ebbs and flows. It constantly explores, experiments, plays with, and discovers new and interesting things.

To realize creativity, however, is to realize that it doesn’t just end with art as we know it traditionally. This process, the creative process, is inherent in any craft or profession that involves the production of an item, service, technology, or other invention.

Creative objects are beautiful.

Creative objects can be functional.

Creative objects carry their own order, or disorder.

You can say that the creative process is defined by all the intermediate steps that start with a vision and end with something brought into the world.

If you can imagine like a child, or if you have dreams about reaching the stars, for example, then you can create visions. Getting started may seem like a breeze, but actually getting your hands dirty and doing the work is where the real challenge sets in.

This work is defined by hours and hours of passion, skill, dedication, patience, research, experimentation, and learning.

Not all these qualities everyone has, and that’s OK. No one is born an artist because no one is born with all aforementioned qualities.

Remember that your vision is what got you started, so keep that in your mind as you continue with your work.

Here is another perspective on creativity from John Spencer.

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